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With a rich decade-long journey across technologies like JavaScript, React, Angular, Java, NodeJS, andcloud platforms, my work stands testament to my passion for crafting elegant solutions to complexchallenges. My portfolio and career milestones are proudly showcased at For an engagingoverview of my innovative projects and impactful contributions, visit

Career History

Jaguar Land Rover| Manchester, UK | From: 07-2022, To: 11-2023 | Contract
Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack
React, TypeScript, NodeJS, Java, Springboot, Jest, React Testing Library, SASS, Bootstrap, GraphQL, Cypress, React Hooks, Single Sign On, JWT, Storybook, Serverless

Worked on the Finance Calculator project. The finance calculator allows retailers to customise finance options for customers for both Land Rover and Jaguar cars

Created the user journey based on figma designs.

Utilised GraphQL and Serverless framework to create a backend for the finance calculator UI. This backend serves bank data among other server side data like car details.

Worked on VSR project. VSR is a collection of services built with Springboot which interacts with JFrog artifactory to facilitate software distribution for cars

Improved existing package security checks by updating VSR services to latest Springboot version (v3)

MoneySuperMarket| Manchester, UK | From: 02-2022, To: 06-2022 | Contract
Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack
Vue, Java, SASS, Jest, JUnit, JAXB, Google tag manager, Optimizely, Agile with Kanban

Worked with UI team on motor insurance journey to add google tag manager for various user actions. Updated some of the UI components to match latest design

Worked with backend team to update various providers xml schemas to adhere with latest FCA regulations

Rosslyn Data Tech| Wigan, UK | From: 07-2021, To: 01-2022 | Contract
Tech Lead - Angular
Angular, TypeScript, Bootstrap 5, SASS, Cucumber, Jasmine, Cypress, Agile with Scrum

Successfully delivered flagship project customs cloud as per requirements.

Took responsibility for design and implementation of the solution to deliver the project.

Lead and mentor a team of 3 developers to deliver daily tasks for the project.

Direct Line Group| Leeds, UK | From: 10-2020, To: 06-2021 | Contract
Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack
Angular, NodsJS, TypeScript, AWS Lambda, SASS, Cucumber, Cypress, API Gateway, Jasmine, Stripe, Micro Services

Successfully delivered 2 AWS Lambdas for the policy platform. These Lambdas were sitting behind API Gateway. They communicate with Stripe’s payment intent and customer API.

Worked on Quote and Buy project which is the new interface to buy breakdown cover. Successfully delivered items on the journey like quote and personal details page. Used Cucumber to deliver e2e tests and Jasmine for unit tests.

Co-Operative Bank| Manchester, UK | From: 03-2020, To: 09-2020 | Contract
Tech Lead - React
React, TypeScript, react-testing-library, Jest, Lerna, StoryBook

I was leading a team of 4 developers and technically guided them on using React on their day to day tasks. Enhancing best practices using React hooks, unit testing with react-testing-library and TypeScript.

Successfully delivered 2 phases of the project namely migration to React and login journey.

BookingGo| Manchester, UK | From: 07-2019, To: 02-2020 | Contract
Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack
Java 8, Java 11, React, DynamoDB, Spring Boot, JAX-RS (Jersey), Docker, Bootstrap 4, HTTP Services design, TDD,Agile with Kanban, Microservices

I was involved with 2 different projects for 2 different teams namely payments team and taxi team.

The first project was Card Vault proxy service. My task was to create a proxy service that will interface between payment panel and card vault service. I successfully delivered the project on time as there was a deadline for implementing certain features for card payments namely billing address being required or optional based on buyer’s country.

The second project was Supplier Account Management. BookingGo was using an old ERP system which they want to retire and use’s SAP instead. One purpose for this project was to read data (billing accounts) from AWS S3 and call relevant services on to save the data into SAP. The project also collects billing account information from Suppliers by sending them unique links which redirects them to a form where they can enter their billing account details. Another UI interface is provided for affiliates team to manage supplier links. I successfully delivered tasks to both UI (React) and Http services (Spring Boot).

Autotrader| Manchester, UK | From: 04-2019, To: 06-2019 | Contract
Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack
Angular 5, nrwl/nx, Java 8, Spring Boot, Bootstrap 4, HTTP Services design, TDD, Agile with Kanban

Motor Trade Delivery was acquired by Autotrader so the project was to migrate the functionality of the existing project to Autotrader platform. The project consists of an API built using Spring Boot and front end built using Angular 5

Successfully delivered tasks in Listing and Logistics modules. Listings module is used by retailers to list jobs and Logistics module is used by delivery companies to bid for jobs.

Successfully delivered tasks for Listing and Logistics API

Mentor junior developers on using Angular.

The BBC| Manchester, UK | From: 07-2018, To: 03-2019 | Contract
Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack
NodeJS, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, AWS Kinesis, React, Jest, Google Cloud BigQuery, Google Data Studio, TDD, Agile with Kanban

In the first 2 months of the contract I joined the editor designer studio team. The editor is a build tool GUI which is built using React. The studio is used by story editor to add new stories or edit existing ones. These stories are then transformed into Amazon Alexa skills json schema. These files can be then used to update existing BBC Voice Alexa skills

Successfully designed and developed a data pipeline solution for BBC analytics. The solution consists of 3 main components:

  • An sdk for other applications to use. This sdk is published on the BBC npm account
  • Kinesis data stream which accepts analytics messages through the sdk.
  • Various adapters to consume the data stream. These adaptors are NodeJS AWS Lambdas. We created 2 adaptors namely: ati adaptor and GCP BigQuery adaptor. The ati adaptor sends data to ati whereas the GCP BigQuery sends data to various BigQuery tables
LGC Standards| Bury, UK | From: 07-2017, To: 06-2018 | Contract
Technical Team Lead - Full Stack
Angular (2,4,5), NodeJS (Build Tool), Java 8, Spring Boot, MySql, Bootstrap 4, SASS, HTTP Services design, TDD, AWS (Elastic Beanstalk, S3, CloudFront), Agile with Scrum

Successfully delivering flagship project (portal 2) which is a proficiency testing platform where external users can submit their test results and back office users setup the requires rounds and test samples

Leading a team of 3 developers on the UI side of project working with Angular 2, SASS and bootstrap

Working with the server side team on building http services using Spring Boot, Java 8 and MySql

Making interviews to add additional members to the UI team and successfully accepting one candidate

Mentoring team on new technologies and supporting them on their day to day tasks

Successfully communicate with product owner to achieve targets in the given time frame

Lightning e-com ltd| Manchester, UK | From: 03-2017, To: 06-2017 | Contract
Software Consultant
NodeJS, TypeScript, Express, MongoDB, Firebase, Docker, AWS (EC2), Bootstrap, SASS, Agile with Scrum

Successfully delivered project ShareStyle ( which includes:

  • Admin portal with custom CMS
  • Migrating data from Firebase to MongoDB
  • Building REST API’s for various clients including web and mobile
  • E-commerce functionalities using Stripe

Took tech lead role to manage a team of 2 developers working on the same project. Duties includs mentoring, code reviewing and technical guidance

Utilizing Docker for dependencies like MongoDB on development environment

Ivanti| Warrington, UK | From: 04-2016, To: 02-2017 | Contract
Software Consultant
NodeJS, TypeScript, HapiJS, MySql, Redis, Angular2, Bootstrap, SASS, Docker, AWS, Microservices, REST, TDD, BDD, Agile with Scrum

Building the backend API for the VStar project using NodeJS and HapiJS framework. This API will serve the various parts of the system including UI and other services. VStar is a complete end point security system that allow administrators to tune the usage and security for end users on the organization network.

Utilizing TypeScript for better types and semantics in backend and UI code bases

Helped completing some of the UI tasks using Angular2

Using MySql as data storage and working with the JSON datatype in MySql

Following the TDD approach when building new features or fixing bugs

Making use of Redis as a cache storage to boost performance

Managing different environments using Docker

CAP Automotive| Leeds, UK | From: 09-2014, To: 03-2016 | Contract
Software Consultant
ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, AngularJS, jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap, Sql Server, Octopus deploy, IIS, PowerShell, Agile with Scrum

Offering consultancy to move existing and new projects to use the latest technologies in web development including ASP.NET MVC, Web API, AngularJS and Bootstrap. This includes offering best practices and mentoring for the development team on getting the best out of these technologies based on the requirements

Introducing and supporting the usage of best practices in software development including SOLID, TDD and BDD

Working with the solution architect to design and implement the next generation for CAP API which is the new method of offering the CAP data to the outside world.

Successfully delivered the following projects: consumer, valuation anywhere, CAP API, Vehicle Specifications and Automotive PDF. Details of these projects are available on my website at

Advanced Legal| Knutsford, UK | From: 06-2012, To: 08-2014 | Permanent
Senior Software Engineer
NodeJS, expressjs, ASP.NET Web API, WPF, WCF, SQL Server, Entity Framework, LINQ, Agile with Kanban/Scrum

Worked in an Agile environment and followed the best practices in software development including: pair programming, TDD, BDD, IoC using Autofac and SOLID principles

Lead major development on the Legal Case Management Designer Studio, including Import/Export modules, Formulas and custom fields’ creation.

Created a nodejs with Express mvc application to monitor the build status by communicating with the build server (Team City) via Web API. The application utilizes client side libraries like AngularJS and jQuery as well as Bootstrap.

Worked as team lead deputy in the absence of the team lead. My duties as a team lead deputy were to run daily stand ups and make sure that the team members can accomplish their tasks without any impediments

Concerto Ltd| Frodsham, UK | From: 01-2012, To: 05-2012 | Permanent
Software Developer
ASP.NET 2.0, C#, SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2010

Supported Concerto Sites which is the main product for the company

Added three new modules for Concerto Sites which are condition surveys, suitability assessment and legacy data importer from Excel sheets to Sql Server Database

Edenred UK| Chester, UK | From: 05-2010, To: 10-2011 | Permanent
Software Developer
ASP.NET 4.0, C#, WCF, Silverlight 4, WWF 4, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010

Integrated Edenred back end systems with a third party using WCF in "Compliments Select" project

Used Silverlight to create an application to process the beneficiaries vouchers spending data and insert them into Edenred invoicing systems in "Compliments Green" project

Premex Services Ltd| Bolton, UK | From: 08-2009, To: 04-2010 | Permanent
Software Developer
ASP.NET 2.0, AJAX, C#, VS 2005, SQL Server 2005, jQuery, NUnit, Metastorm BPM

I was the lead developer on Document Routing and Dispatching Workflow project which will be used to automate all the paperwork operations for the business. These operations include: generating letters from templates, converting scanned TIFF documents into PDF, sending case documents to customers and printing case documents if they will be sent by post. The work flow map was built using Metastorm BPM which in turn will call C# libraries to handle documents operations on a given medico-legal case

Successfully integrated the internal Case Management System (CMS) with the online portal 'V' and the Metastorm BPM workflow management system using web services. For example the edico legal case information would be created in CMS, appointment booking would happen in 'VU' and the case documents operations like dispatching, printing and sending emails would happen in BPM work flow map.

Lifestyle Services Group| Crewe, UK | From: 05-2007, To: 07-2009 | Permanent
Web Application Developer
ASP.NET 2.0, AJAX, C#, VS 2005, SQL Server 2000/2005

Worked with top UK brands like Barclays, Natwest, Lloyds and RBS to provide mobile phone and gadgets insurance for their customers

Maintained and updated Web Applications Core Library. This library contains functionalities that are commonly used among all web applications. It contains the business logic and data access layer. It also contains various ASP.NET custom controls as well as ASP.NET customer validation controls

Worked with a large users database with an average of 1⁄2 million user per website.

Written stored procedures to produce ad hoc reports for the customer service and finance department.

Internetware Ltd| Newcastle, UK | From: 09-2006, To: 04-2007 | Graduation Project
ASP.NET Developer
ASP.NET 2.0, AJAX, C#, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, Active Record ORM

Successfully delivered the Bulk Mailer Newsletter Management System. Bulk Mailer is a web application that facilitates the creation and management of newsletters.

Used my Master’s thesis on usability to create and design Bulk Mailer with focus on usability standards

Technical Skill Set


  • Java: 3
  • JavaScript: 3
  • TypeScript: 3
  • C#: 2
  • Bash: 2


  • AWS Kinesis Data Stream: 3
  • AWS Lambda: 3
  • API Gateway: 2
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk: 2
  • AWS S3: 2
  • AWS IAM: 2
  • DynamoDB: 2
  • Google Big Query: 2


  • TDD/BDD: 3
  • Agile: 3
  • Kanban/Scrum: 3


  • Spring Boot: 3
  • JAX-RS (Jersey): 3
  • NodeJS: 3
  • Express: 3
  • NextJS ( is built using NextJs): 3
  • Serverless: 3
  • GraphQL: 2

Data Storage

  • MongoDB: 2
  • MySql: 2
  • Redis: 2
  • Firebase: 2

Build Tools

  • Gulp: 3
  • Webpack: 2


  • Http services design: 3
  • nginx: 2
  • jenkins: 2
  • Docker: 2
  • Git: 2


  • Angular: 3
  • React: 3
  • Bootstrap: 3
  • SASS: 3
  • Vue: 2


  • Mocha: 3
  • JUnit: 3
  • Jest: 3
  • Jasmine: 3
  • Cypress: 3

Software patterns & practices

  • SOLID: 3
  • Multi-tier: 3
  • MVC: 3
  • IoC: 3
  • Microservices: 3
  • DDD: 2


Master of Science in Internet Engineering, Grade: Distinction, University of Sunderland, UK, May 2007

  1. Modules included
    • IT project management, Advanced database systems, Network programming, Advanced web engineering, Web interaction design, Dynamic web-based systems, Information system security
  2. Skills Developed
    • Independent project work has developed my analytical thought, problem solving and ability to manage projects effectively
    • Regular group working in teams has improved my team working skills and ability to build effective working relationships
  3. Thesis
    • Building Newsletter Management System with focus on web usability. The thesis was divided into two parts, practical and research. The research findings were applied to the practical part to enhance its usability.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, GPA: 3.11/4, University of Sharjah, UAE, July 2004


  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD): Web Applications
    • Exam 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications
    • Exam 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
  • Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)
    • Exam 70-315: Developing and Implementing Web Applications


  • Arabic: Mother tongue
  • English: Spoken and written (Excellent)


I enjoy playing sports like football and basketball. I like listening to Trance music while reading or driving. I like discovering new places and photographing beautiful scenes from nature like hills and rivers.