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Reading files in Java

More often I found myself searching for ways to read file content into variables in Java unit tests. I thought to collect few methods of doing that for easy access next time I need it!

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Create Kanban Board Using React

In this article I will be building a Kanban board using React. I will be utilising the built in drag and drop functionality in html5 to allow users to move tasks between columns

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Benchmark Different Approaches When Using foreach in JavaScript

In this blog post I will compare the performance of running foreach in 5 different ways. Namely ES6, tail recursion (without a callback), tail recursion (with a callback), underscore and lodash

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Latest Projects

Insurance Provider Schema

Update insurance providers schemas and mapping

My Role

I joined the project as Java developer

Motor Insurance Journey

Add google tag manager to motor insurance journey

My Role

I joined the project as UI developer